Energy and Environment (HAI-E&E)

The main objective of the collaborative HAI research in the field of Energy and Environment is to expand fundamental knowledge, and to develop innovative technologies and system solutions, which provide for the efficient and environmentally sustainable use of energy resources of global relevance.

The growing demand for energy in the 21st century poses significant economic and environmental challenges at the forefront of the global agenda. Modern economies are dominantly still based on fossil energy resources and hence fossil fuels will play a prevailing role in the foreseeable near future. The main challenge is to balance between energy security, reduction of energy consumption, green house gas abatement, increase of energy efficiency and a more sustainable use of water and land resources.

The purpose of the Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative is to deliver world-class research and to unlock key technical limitations in order to advance the energy production processes, mitigate the environmental impacts and contribute to a sustainable development of these resources. The Energy and Environment research within HAI takes a holistic approach, explicitly combining pure and applied research based on principles of sustainability.

Phase I (2010-2014)

Phase II (2015+)

Research Partners: